Alixe Lay

In 2022, photographer Alixe Lay embarked on a road trip through Peru, capturing the essence of this land from the shores of Lake Titicaca to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu (Old Mountain in Quechua language).


Through her lens, Lay delved into the landscapes, communities, and traditions that define the Andean region, offering a glimpse into a world where nature and culture intertwine seamlessly. Through her keen eye for composition and light, Lay transports viewers to a realm where towering peaks, verdant valleys, and expansive skies converge in an unspoiled play of colors and textures. Lay’s photographs also shine a light on the vibrant cultures and traditions of the Andean communities. In her exploration of local villages and markets, Lay celebrates the rich tapestry of folk art, craftsmanship, and costume that is intrinsic to Andean identity.


“One thing that really struck me during my travels in Peru was how intertwined the nation’s way of life is with nature.” Alixe says. In fact, central to her narrative is the notion of harmony between humanity and nature—a theme that reverberates throughout her body of work. In each image, the Andean people are depicted not as separate entities from their environment, but as integral components of a larger ecological system.


Old Mountain celebrates the Andean region natural wonders and cultural heritage, and the profound bond between its people and the land.

Alixe Lay

Born and raised in Malaysia, Alixe Lay (b. 1993) is London-based self-taught photographer. Her work is deeply rooted in the spirit of place. First discovered photography as a teenager documenting her friends and the Malaysian suburbs that she grew up in, she went on to obtain a doctorate in psychology at UCL, before venturing into a passionate career in photography. Known for blending themes of cultural heritage and antiquity with a modern flair, her style is characterised as vibrant, enigmatic, and reminiscent of documentary storytelling.

Alixe represents Leica as an Emerging Ambassador, and Lightroom as an Ambassador.