Studio Cratere

Text: courtesy of Studio Cratere.


The series is a visual journey through Tanzania, which we have crossed in an almost meditative state. Everything that we could see through the car window and out of the window curtains always appeared as if they were hiding something more deep. The images that presented themselves to our eyes had all the flavor of very important dreams, which contain what we miss it, but we can’t grasp it.


We crossed endless plains together with the wildebeests who migrated, saw volcanic calderas inhabited by all kinds of animals and along the great fault that was created by separation of the African and Arabian tectonic plates. Everything seemed unreal and profoundly true at the same time.

Studio Cratere

Founded by Alessio Pinna, Felipe Menezes and Riccardo Alippi.

The crater is the circular cavity at the apex of a volcanic cone. The Crater (in Latin Crater, “cup”) is one of the 88 modern constellations and represents the chalice from which Apollo drank the nectar of the Gods. The paths of myth and science converge to make sense of reality.

Cratere is a cultural project of visual research and experimentation.

Studio Cratere is a photographic production company. We want to see the world and give it meaning.