Edgar Berg

A year before the lockdown, Edgar Berg had the opportunity to visit Bali, where he developed a deep appreciation for the local people and the rich landscape of the island. Upon his arrival at the airport, Edgar encountered Wayan, a driver who would become a significant figure in his Bali experience. Several weeks later, Wayan extended an invitation for Edgar to visit his village in Tabanan, a region renowned for its pristine beauty and minimal tourist influence. Inspired by the warmth of the village community and of Wayan family, Edgar found himself compelled to embark on a photographic project centered around the children and their companions. This project aimed to capture the unspoiled beauty of their childhood, encapsulating the essence of Edgar artistic vision and returning him to the fundamental roots of his photography.


Angel and Edgar sourced clothing and accessories exclusively from local flea markets. With a vision rooted in DIY aesthetics, they painted and repurposed each piece, infusing them with vibrant and whimsical elements. Their overarching concept aimed to depict the children as miniature adults, symbolizing a liberation from the conventional constraints of work culture and societal norms.


Photography by Edgar Berg

Styling by Angel Macias

Helping Hand: Wayan Sartika

Starring: Abi, Dede, Deva, Made, Krisna, Nila, Windy

Edgar Berg

Edgar Berg is a photographer and director living in the inspiring city of Paris. At the very young age of six, his father didn’t give him his first camera but somehow here we are.