Imdad Barbhuyan

In a world of increasing globalization and digital interconnectedness, the concept of “home” remains a profoundly personal and deeply evocative theme. 


For photographers and artists, this notion transcends physical space, evolving into a profound exploration of identity, memory, and belonging, offering a lens through which we can reimagine the essence of home.


In the world of contemporary photography, Imdad Barbhuyan has carved a niche for himself with his evocative and poignant exploration of the concept of home. His work, rich in detail and deeply personal, captures the essence of what it means to belong, to seek solace, and to find one’s identity in familiar spaces.


As Imdad says: “Poetry of my Land is a personal exploration of my roots in Assam, my beloved homeland. I am based out of Delhi and as someone deeply embodying nature, each time I return home, I find myself drawn to capturing the intrinsic beauty of my surroundings and my connection to the land, through making images of my mother, the earth, water, flowers and leaves.


Through this series, I am trying to find myself in the land where i was born and to understand what ‘home’ means to me. I am trying to convey the profound poetry that resonates within any landscape, highlighting the delicate balance between nature and human presence, but also the profound sense of belonging that we feel towards our homeland.”


Through this intimate focus, Barbhuyan highlights how homes are not just shelters but living entities that evolve with their inhabitants. As the contemporary idea of home is constantly evolving, Imdad’s photographs serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring and intimate connections that define our sense of place.

Imdad Barbhuyan

Imdad Barbhuyan is a New Delhi-based visual artist working with photography. Using elements from the natural world, they are weaving narratives around ideas of memory, desire, intimacy and belonging. Documenting beauty and projecting a harmony between the natural world and our human existence, their varied body of work is an amalgamation of photography, sculptures, set design, performance and writing.
Celebrated for their evocative and sensitive works, Imdad has worked with names like Hermès, Catbird, Chanel and Air France to name a few, alongside features in leading publications like British Journal of Photography, AnOther, Vogue Italy, GQ Middle East, Paper Journal and AD.