Denis Boulze

Words by Denis Boulze.


Portrait de famille is a series of photographs that is very dear to me, although it is unfinished and will probably remain so forever. Every summer, we gather in a small house in the heart of the Cévennes National Park. It is a former chestnut-drying hut, lovingly renovated by our grandparents in the 70s. Our parents spent all their summer vacations there and experienced their first love story. Now, it is our turn as children to continue this tradition, bringing our own children with us. Around this place, a shared family history is woven, bringing us closer and shaping us.


This photographic series simply aims to keep a record of the moments spent together, immortalizing this parenthesis of our lives which, in my opinion, resembles a gentle poetry.

Denis Boulze

Passionate with photography since his early years, Denis worked at Rouchon studio as assistant with respected photographers like Sarah Moon, Jan Walter, Sofia and Mauro and after that with a lot of different photographers as a first assistant. He also directs films. His personal creation adopts alternatively both color and black & white to interpret fashion series and still life, always driven by a certain sense of poetry.


A long term project based on his family is about to be published, characterized by his specific softness and atemporality. Analog photography suits to the sense of intimacy with his subjects, that Denis obviously seeks and nourishes.


He collaborates with magazines and brands such as Telegraph luxury, Milk, ELLE France, Air France Magazine, L’officiel France COMBO Magazine, Weston, Erès, Hermès, Charlotte Chesnais and Gucci.