Tanguy Troude

Consolations in a personal series that Tanguy Troude initiated back in 2022, as an introspective project that captures the essence of human vulnerability and the intimate processes of (re)construction. The delicate collection of images explores to the profound impact of our surroundings and the people who inhabit them. Through the lens of photography, it delves into the subconscious quest for solace and emotional healing, presenting a meticulously curated composition of our environment.


Focusing on how we rebuild and reconstruct ourselves through our interactions with our environment and the people around us, Consolations opens windows into the personal spaces and moments that define our lives. With this project Tanguy aims to pay a tribute to the tender and fragile aspects of humanity,  celebrating the moments of vulnerability, the quiet acts of kindness, and the gentle interactions that define our relationships. Through his lens, we are reminded of the beauty that lies in our imperfections and the strength that comes from acknowledging our fragility.

Tanguy Troude

Tanguy Troude is a 25 years old self-taught French photographer based and working in Paris.


His work is instinctive and sensitive, inspired by poetry and tenderness. He devotes himself to observations involving nature, others, gestures, mystery and deconstruction… with simplicity and humility.


He sees photography as fragments of experience, anchored in given temporalities, yet ensures that none of his images have a distinct relationship to time. In this way, he encourages a slower, humbler and more sincere appreciation of imagery.