Eduard Galià

Fruto dos Sonhos is a dreamlike vision of a paradise free of the social constrictions that bind us in our everyday life. With this short video Eduard Galià ventures in a surreal space, reminding us of the power of imagination and gently reconnecting with our roots.


In the words of the author, “most of our process in life consists of repressing our inner wild nature […] We still dream about a total freedom and we still seek that individualistic and fulfilled state of mind.”


Model: Samba Injai.

Eduard Galià

As a photographer and videographer from Girona, Eduard has a very strong bond with the Mediterranean Sea and all the cultures and customs that surround it. He has an ever-growing interest for the stories and the sensations emerging from his mother land, and shares them passionately in his work. With his photos and videos he aims to transport viewers to a specific time and place, and make nostalgia of something lived or not completely overwhelm them.