Saskia Wilson

Text: courtesy of Saskia Wilson


For more than 60 years since migrating from Ireland, my partners family have been gathering annually in this rural Australian town bordering the legendary Snowy River on Wiradjuri Country.  The towns name, Tumut is derived from an Indigenous word meaning “a quiet resting place by the river” and was traditionally a meeting place where the Wiradjuri, Ngungawal and Wolgalu tribes gathered for ceremony and trade and the river was used to navigate the pathways from the mountains to the coast.

‘Skimming Stones’ explores the universal practice of gathering beside bodies of water for ceremony, storytelling, sustenance and reflection.  It celebrates the sacredness of this meeting place where old stories are shared and new ones are created.

Saskia Wilson

Saskia Wilson works as a visual practitioner and educator specializing in the application of documentary approaches to commercial practices. Evoking a refined sense of balance, joy, and authenticity, her earthy portrait and landscape work locate subtle flourishes of beauty and human connection within everyday situations. Her themes are universal, evoked through the unique and unmistakable colors of Australia. Across her work, no matter the location or social milieu, her imagery captures shared values and resonant iconography. Our unifying dreams and desires. Our common humanity.